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Ernst & Young' Gurgaon office
These are wall graphics for the Ernst & Young' Gurgaon office based on the theme of knowledge and wisdom in the Indian context. All the eight floors had a different genre like movies, politics, art, education and so on. For creating these graphics,
a systematic structure was figured in terms of a key phrase,

foreground element, background element, etc. Every floor having two adjacent walls, one was dedicated to facts about the person and the other to their work and what others said about them. We wanted to create a layered composition that has lots in it for one discover at every encounter. These were created at Lopez Design Pvt. Ltd. Below are some of the graphics.
rabindranath tagore rabindranath tagore
Panels on Rabindranath Tagore  
Sarvepalli radhakrshnan sarvepalli radhakrishnan
Panels on Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan  
satyajit ray satyajit ray
Panels on Satyajit Ray  
chanakya chanakya
Panels on Chanakya  
birbal birbal
Panels on Birbal  
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This is an installation designed for the reception of the same office. Based on the tree of life, i modified it according to the core theme of knowledge and wisdom. The branches lead to open books which also remind us of birds in flight.
The space being a montage of several materials and colours, we decided to keep this white on white. The whole installation was made of several MDF boards joined together. I also wrote a poetic description for the installation, which had to be placed as a plaque beside it.

The hope of a bloom
The birth of a tree
The scope to climb it
and gather all its fruits
To take in the taste, the fragrance
and to take in the essence.
The opportunity to again sow the seeds
and hope to see them grow again
into the tree of life

the Tree of Life the Tree of life---detail
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