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UNICEF Environment Design (New Delhi office)
UNICEF has forever used striking imagery of children from all around the world in their communication inside or outside their premises. Rightly so they have always conjured up certain imagery of the organisation being very caring, focussed and of course child centric. It has been a very strong brand since its beginning.

Designing the office environment for the UNICEF's Delhi head office was a very challenging task as we must not loose the brand essence in our efforts to rejuvenate the space by doing something different for the heck of it. It had to give a feeling of being extremely professional, clean and fresh yet maintaining the brand of UNICEF as it has been through history.

We had a lot of limitations of what kind of imagery and text that can be used for the designs So we took UNICEF's slogan of "unite for children" as our concept and point of departure and decided to use keep it very simple by using a basic form of a square to create the convergence.

A lot of time was spent on how one could use the images interestingly yet not make it look the usual. Their house colours of CMYK was used to differentiate and colour code all the floors individually and create refreshingly bright and vibrant spaces. Finally what we have is a soothingly fresh space to work in with the brand intact in strong collective theme.

The project was done for Lopez Design Pvt. Ltd.
Saurabh Wadhwa, Anthony Lopez, Dwarka Nath Sinha
Project Management
Saurabh Wadhwa
Dwarka Nath Sinha

Theme panel at the reception
First floor lobby (these squares can be replaced or their position can be interchanged as they were designed keeping modularity in mind). The wall has a vinyl with the Rights of the Child printed on it in 2% black and related keywords in larger, more abstract looking Indian regional text to bring the India connect.
Detail of the panel above
The second floor lobby
The ground floor lobby
Black and white images were used in the square format along with a Right and a Fact for Life Symbol on the passages
near the work stations
Wall graphics in the Mezannine floors at the back of the office
A closer look at the design above
Room signage (These were especially manufactured. The names can be printed locally on the office printers and slid in as and when required making cost effective (in the long run) and easy to replace when someone new joins in)