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AIMS or Anhad Institute of Media studies is an educational institution being established by the Anhad foundation, an NGO,
in Srinagar.
Following are some print work for them.
It is symbolic of the flight of freedom which a woman deserves
as much as a man right from childhood. The other forms are
a manifestation of this freedom and a depiction of various stages and
professions women have chosen e.g., a mother, a policewoman,
a dancer, a sportswoman, a school girl and a corporate executive.
The kind of treatment has been given to create a dynamic feeling
with visual depth. Urdu was given prominence as the poster would be
put up in a lot of places in Kashmir.
international women' day
They needed a backdrop for their News Desk where one side was
show imagery related to sports and culture whereas the other one
politics. Here instead of going for the stereotypical photo imagery
i decided to use more graphical imagery to depict our themes and
i tried evoking the same with some subtle use of symbolism. There
was also a small branding board.
newsroom backdrop
Newsroom backdrop
branding panel
Smaller branding panel